Why Moms Need to Get in the Frame | #proofofmom

August 15, 2019

An article by Busy Toddler pointed out a simple way for moms to get in their family photos more often by remembering a simple phrase: Proof of Mom. I thought it didn’t apply to me until…

Recently, I decided to print out family photos so that we could create a gallery wall in our main living room. As I looked on my computer hard drive, I realized there were almost no photos taken me taken by our “real” camera. So, I went to my cellphone to find some shots. I currently have 6,457 photographs on my phone. (Yeah, I am a photo hoarder. Can’t help it.) I am in 149 of those photos. I have documented every single adventure our family has taken. Plenty of kids and daddy photos. But, when I looked to find any proof that I was part of those adventures, it was next to impossible to find.  There was no #proofofmom. And, any of the photos I have of myself are just multiple attempts to get at least one, decent looking, low-quality selfie, like these:

Get mom in the frame #proofofmomGet mom in the frame #proofofmom

Well, I decided to do the math. 98% of my photos are of our adventures, my kids, my husband. 2% of those photos include me. There is next to no proof I was there for any of it. I knew this needed to change. Whether it meant taking more selfies, setting up my camera for some self-portraits or just asking someone else to take a photo for me.

Why Moms Need to Get in the Frame | #Proofofmom

It’s so easy to hide behind the camera and document, but at the end of the day, my kids are going to want to look back and see that I was there, too. I stumbled across this great article by Busy Toddlers that highlighted the importance of mom’s getting in the frame (and goes into detail about how to do it). And it resonated with me. Suddenly, I realized I needed to hand over my camera and ask for more photos of myself with my family. I needed to make it a priority. I needed some #proofofmom.

Holding my newborn baby for the first time
This #proofofmom was taken the day my daughter was born. I had to put my camera in Auto mode and ask my husband to take photos. I definitely didn’t feel “camera ready” with my makeup-less face and pulled back hair. But, looking back, I am so glad I asked for photos. This is now one of my favorites.
Family Photo with Mom in it
This #proofofmom was taken after convincing my husband we needed a family photo. I had to set up my digital camera on a rock with a self-timer.

Proof of Mom in Every Photo Session

Are you holding back on getting family photographs because you are self conscious? I’m going to be blunt with you: none of it matters. In 25 years from now, when your kids are looking back on their family photos they will want to see you as part of them. They won’t care if your wardrobe wasn’t Pinterest enough. Or if you had 5 more pounds to lose. They definitely won’t care if that one hair was out of place. And I promise, in 25 years you won’t care about that either. What you will care about is seeing yourself with your tiny children in your arms. You will be glad to have a concrete reminder of the details your memories had forgotten.

This is why in every family photo session, I make sure to capture photographs of mom. There is absolutely noting more beautiful than watching a momma’s selfless love for her children. I promise I will capture moments of genuine connection between you and your family. You will look at your photos and will only be able to see the beauty in your family, and in yourself. You will receive your gallery of photos and have a plethora of yourself to choose from. I want you to be able to adorn the walls of your home with your family photos with you as a part of it. I see you, momma, and I want you to feel seen, too.

Mom in Frame
See full session here.
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See full session here