Palm Beach County, Florida Lifestyle Newborn Session from Erica Brooke Photography, Palm Beach County Family Photographer

I cannot believe it has taken me so long to blog about this Palm Beach lifestyle newborn session! Molly is so lucky to have been born into such a sweet family. Sessions with big families are always just so much fun. There are so many different relationships to capture. I absolutely love seeing how siblings interact with one another. I love watching mom and dad interact with all of their kids, with so much intention and love. It is incredible to watch all the personalities work together to make one, cohesive unit. It is truly incredible.

Patty, the sweet mom of these 4 kiddos, and I had a lot in common. Besides growing up in the same town and going to the same elementary school, we both are former elementary school teachers turned stay at home mom. It was so much fun to chat with Patty about teacher life, and I was totally brought back to my teaching days as we talked. It’s incredible how far away my teaching days seem, but at the same time, it was only 4 years ago. Either way, it is always so fun to go back and remember that phase of life.

There are times I walk into a home and the love is so tangible. This session is definitely one where that I felt that. When I walked in, I could just tell that this family works so well together. I cannot begin to explain how much care and love this family showed for one another. I won’t even begin to try to explain it. However, lucky for me, I do not have to, because these images definitely show a peek into their incredibly sweet love. 

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