Joanna Lifestyle In-Home Session | Delray Beach | Palm Beach County, Florida

September 15, 2019

I absolutely loved this newborn session in Delray. The whole session was so laid back and relaxed as baby Joanna just slept through the whole thing. However, the months leading up to Joanna’s birth seemed anything but calm for Catherine and Brian. During Catherine’s pregnancy, there was a leak in their home that turned into total house flood. They had to move out for 3 months while their house underwent total reconstruction. Then, fast forward to 10 days before Catherine’s due date. Florida was in the cone of error for major category 5 hurricane. As all of South Florida was preparing for a potential hit, Joanna decided it would be a good time to enter the world (babies just have their own agenda, don’t they?). Luckily, Florida was spared from the hurricane. Even with all of this chaos going on, Catherine and Brian were able to take down their shutters and finish up Joanna’s nursery in time for the session. Impressive, no?

The Nursery

Can you believe this nursery was only finished days before the session? I would have never known if Catherine didn’t fill me in on what had gone on prior to Joanna’s birth. This nursery was so beautifully put together. It had such a soft and delicate feel. I loved the neutral colors with the little pink accents. And I for sure have a thing for gorgeous, decorative light fixtures. 

The Session

It was so incredible to photograph this family in such a sweet, cozy space. As soon as Joanna was bundled up she was happy to fall fast asleep for the entire session. Capturing moments of Catherine and Brian with baby Joanna was so easy. They had such a natural connection with each other and their new daughter. Brain’s mom was also at their home, so we were able to capture some sweet moments of everyone together.          

Even after un-swaddling Joanna, she still was peacefully passed out. If that isn’t a sign of a super successful session, I don’t know what is!