Hello! I am Erica!

I am the girl behind the camera at Erica Brooke Photography. I am a Family and Newborn photographer based in South Florida. My photos are inspired by carefree nature of children and the selfless love that innately comes from their parents. In every session I aim to use natural elements – light, shadows, and nature – to showcase connection in families in a meaningful and artistic way.

I have always liked photography, but fell in love with it after my son was born in 2016. The moment he was born I realized that every stage was so temporary, and I always found myself wishing I could just freeze time. While I couldn’t actually freeze time, I could capture the moment. That smile. Those feelings. 

Every day I feel so blessed to be able to capture time for the families I photograph. My aim is to create art that captures every family in their essence. Capture their feelings. That smile. Those precious, fleeting moments. 

I will never make you smile at me. Seriously.

But, I promise you will laugh and smile, anyway.

My lifestyle sessions are all about connection. I want you and your family to spend our time together playing and having fun. You probably will smile. You might even laugh. A lot. There will be no stress about your kids “cooperating.” If they want to laugh and play, that’s great. Maybe they are shy and want to cuddle up close to mom and dad, no worries. Whatever they want to do, I am there to capture your family as you are. At the end of our session together, you will leave feeling like you just spent serious quality time with your family, without distractions, without technology, but just by being together. And the best part? You’ll get some pretty amazing photos out of it! 

I love

Family Photo with Mom in it

I am lucky enough to have married my high school sweetheart, Justin. We have two amazing kids, Benjamin and Caroline. 

Family Photo with Mom in it

I was born in New York but raised in Lake Worth, Florida, I consider myself a native. Today my home is in Wellington, but I have family all throughout Palm Beach County! 

Dessert is a non-negotiable. There have been many nights where my husband has had to make an “emergency” run to Publix because we ran out of ice cream. It’s my weakness. 

Those raw and real moments are what make my photographer heart happy.